Make A Note To Promote!

     I would appreciate if you could take a moment to think about how your sales and marketing goals could be enhanced by a Promotional Products Program. Unlike most of our competition, we at, Inc.  are not in the business of just selling products. I will work with you to devise a program that can increase Name Recognition, Sales (new and repeat), Product Information and Employee Safety and Recognition.

     I believe if you teach me a little about your business, I in turn will be able to work with you to create a plan to promote your business in the most cost effective way. I believe that can be achieved through the use of promotional products. This type of specialty advertising puts your BUSINESS directly in the hand of your recipient, serving as a constant reminder of the advertiser and message.

     By virtue of its diversity, specialty advertising can be targeted to a specific audience or market. This audience may be chosen by any number of criteria-age, sex, occupation, geographical location ...etc. Targeting the message prevents you from wasting resources on unwanted circulation. Since the products are used over and over, its message is read over and over with no additional cost to your business .

     I am available to discuss your marketing goals and would like the opportunity to put together a program to meet those goals.


Edward A. Sterling  e-mail, Inc.
Geiger West